Junk Pirate Posters

Fresh for 2020 (the best year ever!), it’s a limited run of Junk Pirate posters available only here and wherever else I can convince people to buy them.

Horror Marijuana Poster  

Marijuana – Weed From Hell – $15
11 x 17″ Modern psychedelic drug propaganda poster.
Full color offset printed on 100lb text gloss paper.
Shipped rolled in a tube with some free stickers if you’re cool.

Featuring a synthesis of found imagery, this poster tells the terrifying tale of the groovy journey to the center of the mind. Authentic educational film frames depict the real gateway to purgatory: grind it, roll it, light it, forever be tormented as part of the weird cannabis cabal.

This poster is a Junk Pirate original. Limited edition of however many I can sell.
A great way to express your love for / fear of smoking reefer.

$15 (FREE SHIPPING in the US)


Marijuana – Weed From Hell – Sepia Edition – $15

11 x 17″ Poster – printed on 100lb text gloss paper
Shipped rolled in a tube with free stickers if you deserve them.

This extra special edition of the famous Junk Pirate Weed From Hell psychedelic poster is for the more dignified collector. The muted color palate and shock font is suggestive of antique style anti-drug propaganda, but the imagery is a pure horror trip.

Makes a great gift for your best bud, headshop, or DEA agent.

$15 (FREE SHIPPING in the US)