Junk Pirate III

Junk Pirate III

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Junk Pirate III

From The Compound Gallery in Oakland, California… Pete Glover presents JUNK PIRATE III, an exhibition of objects of interest. This staggering collection of collections was on view from October 22nd through Dec 16th, 2016. Did you step up and roll the dice for a Junk Pirate cabinet of your very own? Some won big time and now have ownership of premium artwork for just a song, while others crapped out and paid big bucks for some framed garbage.

Skull Collection

27 Skulls

Read the show statement:

Pete Glover has occupied himself over the previous 15 years with the observation and pursuit of innocuous objects. He searches for patterns and deviations in the design and manufacture of everyday objects like toys, personal electronics, office supplies, and writing utensils. His quest is for the satisfaction of a logical addition to a collection or the curious mystery of an outlying oddity. Objects are discovered, collected, reviewed, categorized, organized, exhibited, and celebrated.

Pete’s studio practice is that of a junk taxonomist. His workspace in Portland, OR is a little more than a room filled with drawers, shelves, cabinets, and crates. Items are gathered and classified, contemplated and arranged, stashed and often forgotten until a freshly acquired object activates the collection. Working day jobs at reuse centers and thrift stores throughout his adulthood provides an unending stream of possible materials to gather. Supplemented by items considered from frequent visits to yard sales, free boxes, and dumpsters, no amassment of ‘stuff’  can ever truly be considered complete. Pete’s work is that of filter and editor.

From October 22nd to December 11, 2016, The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA presented Pete Glover’s third exhibition Junk Pirate assemblages. The show featured dozens of cabinets of found and arranged objects varying from the boldly bizarre to the beautifully banal. Interspersed throughout will be hundreds of singular images and items of considerable interest, particularly as they are presented without the framework of their original intended contexts.

Many of the pieces in the show will be priced by chance with the return of the “Roll The Dice for the Price”.  In conjunction with with the opening reception of Junk Pirate III will be the release of a special collaborative bronze edition, as well as the debut of issue #20 of Junk Pirate zine.

Bronze in a Box

Junk Pirate Bronze-in-a-Box edition